As financial services organizations become increasingly complex and global, they require high-quality, comprehensive and timely information to support their securities management operations. These organizations are often under pressure to maximize their operational efficiency, which can be driven by increased automation, so they can accomplish more with fewer resources.

Interactive Data is a leading provider of high-quality global terms and conditions data that drives mission-critical applications across the securities processing lifecycle. Interactive Data's terms and conditions information is used to assist clients in efficiently meeting asset set-up requirements for new and existing securities, for trade processing and settlement processes and for on-going reporting functions. This information is available from Interactive Data for a wide variety of asset classes and includes essential identification and settlement information, such as identifier, issuer name, exchange and ticker.

Terms and conditions information from Interactive Data is available on-demand, intra-day and at the end of the trading day. The information can be accessed through request/response mechanisms and on a scheduled "push" basis. It is also available through a variety of pre-defined and customizable presentation formats.

Data Coverage Equities
Broad coverage of the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Coverage includes common, ordinary, preferred, convertible-preferred and when-issued securities as well as warrants, units, mutual funds, UITs, REITs, and depository receipts, such as ADRs and GDRs Extensive classification and cross-reference information, including a wide range of international security identifiers Conversion and exercise schedules for U.S. preferred stock are available

Corporate and Government Bonds
Extensive coverage of global corporate fixed income instruments Detailed terms and conditions covering investment grade corporate debt issues, high yield, U.S. treasuries and agencies, and other sovereign and government debt, long-term CDs and money market instruments Full coverage of active commercial paper issues includes debentures, fixed, floating and adjustable rates, private placements, Eurobonds, globals, medium term notes (MTNs), and bonds with embedded options.

Credit ratings from Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings Call, put and sinking fund schedules are available along with conversion details, coupon reset terms, payment-in-kind and step-up data.

Municipal bonds
Expansive coverage of active and historic U.S. municipals. Comprehensive coverage on new issues, redemption details and ratings activity

Structured Products and Mortgage-Related
Coverage of active mortgage-backed (FHLMC, FNMA, and GNMA), SBA pass-through pools, and approximately structured products Data available includes terms and conditions, monthly updated pay-down factors, collateral information such as WAC, WAM and WALA, historical prepayment speeds and geographical information for individual pass-through pools Agency and whole loan-backed collateralized mortgage obligations, asset-backed securities, and commercial mortgage-backed securities Data available includes terms and conditions at the deal and the tranche level, monthly and updated pay-down factors, floating rate reset information, structured cash flows, prepayment speeds Covered bonds