ULeads Best Solutions and Services

We have established network raw data sources from most data industries including;
  • Wireless
  • Employment
  • Telecom
  • Financial and Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Retail Collections

ULeads solutions and services are not just a number of single reports; but rather, a series of discrete, standalone reports with each report being composed of its own score, reason codes, aggregate data variables, and detailed data behind those aggregates. This level of detail and flexibility is designed to create a one-stop shop to meet your specific reporting needs.

The raw POE Intel report is a powerful collection of solutions reporting tool that reports the last 90 days of employment from the most current instances of critical consumer demographic data such as: Employer name, address, and phone number.

Using sophisticated data matching techniques to identify and compare a debtor's personal detail, we then refresh all data points with current information. All Employer names, phone numbers, and addresses are updated into our database constantly.

ULeads sources data from a popular business resume' sites

60-70% of our data will prove to be correct

We constantly monitor over 70 million U.S. employees and the base is growing hourly

All records are under 90 days old

There are millions of updates weekly with hundreds of thousands of changes

Changes consist of Terminations, New Hires, and Promotions, etc.